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About Us

It takes constant training, special knowledge, and experience under pressure to ensure every situation is safely resolved.

These are the types of officers we recruit and train. It’s why we give you a level of security others can’t:

  • Officers with 2x the training of guards at other security companies.
  • Hand-selected agents, including military veterans, former law enforcement, and trained medics.
  • Special de-escalation training to prevent dangerous situations before they ever get ugly.


Mobile Security Patrols

Highly trained officers with advanced monitoring and communication equipment patrol your property to deter criminals or stop them in the act.

Executive Protection

Much more than a bodyguard, our experienced officers provide tactical protection, 24/7, that goes wherever you do.

Rapid Response

24-hour rapid response, on call seven days a week. We answer immediately.

Risk Assessment

We identify gaps in building and protocol security. We research and monitor high-risk individuals to determine whether they pose a threat.

Private Events

Our officers are trained and equipped to provide dedicated security for private events large and small like concerts, parties, corporate events, you name it.

Get the Security You Deserve

The true test of a security company is the quality of its officers, and this is where we give you A LEVEL OF PROTECTION THAT OTHERS CAN’T MATCH.

Currently Hiring Officers—We Hire Veterans!

Looking for a career in security? The Protection Group is the best place to work in Utah!

Advanced Equipment Operation

Training four times a year

De-Escalation Certification

Highly valued by law enforcement agencies

Rules and Regs Training

Training in civil rules and regulations

Advance Your Career

We give you twice the amount of training you’ll receive at other security firms (all paid!). It’s the best stepping stone your law enforcement career could get:

  • Weapon proficiency training four times a year
  • De-escalation certification (highly valued by law enforcement agencies)
  • Legal training in civil rules and regulations
  • Training in state-of-the-art security equipment
  • And more!

Professional Pay

Start with us and you’ll be making a wage comparable to second-year law enforcement officers, plus:

  • Paid time off
  • Focus on true work/life balance

Let Us Help You Grow Your Career and Get Top Pay and Benefits!

Join Our Team!



1175 South Meridian Park Road, Suite E, Salt Lake City, UT 84104



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